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How many hours to study for iit?

So many IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes have tried to answer this most asked question by the candidates. A lot of You Tubers answer this question simply by subtracting the hours which would keep you busy in regular activities by 24 and finding the correct number for you. They would question if you sleep 8 hours, eat for an hour, indulge in nature call activities for half an hour, go to coaching class which takes 5 hours, etc, then you have 24-8-1/2-1-1/2-5 = 9 hours. Another 1-2 hours would get misspent here and there, So practically you are left with 6-8 hours to study. But this way of answering this tough question has its limitations.

In the beginning, if you study for IIT JEE for 6-8 hours, your study would not be very beneficial. Why? Because you would not be giving enough time to your mind to captivate the information you got from 5 hours of jee coaching and 6 -8 hours of self-study. Its almost as if I ask you to run a treadmill for 4 hours. The effectiveness of this type of workout is arguable and obviously it would do more harm to your body than good. In contrast, if I ask you to Study for half an hour, you would be able to do it with full attentiveness and focus.

In Studying, level of study session matters a lot. Time you give to your body to grasp the information creates new neural pathways that help you maintain the same information fast. Your mind assimilates information and creates such neural pathways when you sleep or when you indulge in light activities. This is also called the diffused way of thinking where you do not actually concentrate on the study material which you learned, you purposely concentrate away from it and let the information settle in your brain.

Thus when you are starting your practice you should have very intense short sessions of study filled with gaps in which you do leisurely activities. Ideally, 25 mins deep study session away from distractions followed by 5-10 mins of recall and then break time are the best ways to boost your study efficiency.

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